Deborah Wolfe, seated, in casual pose in white jacket

Wolfe Legal Solutions, PC, established by Deborah A. Wolfe, a civil trial lawyer in California since 1981, is designed to help attorneys to practice at the highest levels in helping their clients. Deborah is a Certified Legal Specialist (“CLS”) in two areas of practice: Legal Malpractice Law (State Bar of California) and Civil Trial Law (National Board of Trial Advocates).  Deborah offers the following services to both plaintiff and defense lawyers looking for solutions.

  • Expert witness testimony on Legal Ethics and Standard of Care

  • Ethics and Trial Strategy Consulting

  • Coaching



Ms. Wolfe has testified on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous legal malpractice cases, even before becoming a CLS in Legal Malpractice Law in 2009…
  • Serves on the San Diego County Bar Legal Ethics Committee since 2006
  • Member/Chair, Legal Malpractice Law Advisory Commission to the State Bar…


Ms. Wolfe consults with attorneys on successful trial strategy, witness preparation, trial themes, jury selection, and trial techniques, for both plaintiff and defense lawyers.
  • Two-time recipient of Trial Lawyer of the Year Award (Consumer Attorneys of San Diego), and numerous Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award


Ms. Wolfe has been a solo practitioner over most of her 41 years in practice, in addition to working with smaller law firms, and raising two children in the process. To be a successful solo practitioner requires …
  • Co-author “Opening and Managing a Law Office“– published by State Bar of California, 2020



Wolfe Legal Solutions, PC helps lawyers help their clients, and provides legal ethics advice to lawyers and law firms to allow them to practice ethically, avoiding legal malpractice claims and possible State Bar actions. Having practiced law as a plaintiffs’ legal malpractice attorney for the majority of her 41-year career, Deborah Wolfe is uniquely able to provide assistance and advice to attorneys who wish to avoid malpractice claims as well as actions against their licenses for violating the Rules of Professional Conduct. In addition, Deborah has qualified and testified in numerous depositions and trials as an expert witness on the subjects of legal ethics and civil trial practice. As a master trial lawyer, Deborah is able to convey complex concepts to juries, in a way that helps them to understand and make good decisions in legal malpractice cases.