Do you represent clients in legal malpractice lawsuits?

No. Wolfe Legal Solutions, PC does not represent clients in litigation

Do you represent lawyers in State Bar defense actions?

No; since Ms. Wolfe is currently a Special Deputy Counsel in the State Bar of California’s Office of Chief Trial Counsel, she has a conflict in both representing attorneys and providing testimony for attorneys who are involved in State Bar discipline actions.

Do you offer expert witness services for both plaintiffs and defendants in legal malpractice/breach of fiduciary duty claims?

Yes. Ms. Wolfe’s evaluations on standard of care and legal ethics law are based on facts, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and other relevant statutes and case law. In order to maintain the lack of bias required to be an effective expert witness, Ms. Wolfe does not limit her expert testimony to supporting either plaintiffs or defendants, and is frequently hired by both plaintiffs and defense lawyers seeking expert witness evaluation and testimony.

Who can retain Ms. Wolfe and Wolfe Legal Solutions, PC in active litigation matters?

Attorneys and law firms working for either plaintiffs or defendants; Ms. Wolfe does not offer her services as an expert witness to individuals who are self-represented.

Does Wolfe Legal Solutions offer services to law firms and attorneys seeking answers to questions of legal ethics as they arise?

Yes. Ms. Wolfe can be retained by lawyers and law firms seeking clarification on matters involving legal ethics on an hourly basis, and also as on retainer in the role of ethics counsel.