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Can the State Bar be held accountable for failure to discipline a lawyer?

Date of Article: September 20, 2023

Website: BLAWG 401

The purpose of the seminars is not to scare practitioners into compliance, but merely to remind them of the high standards lawyers are expected to meet.

Trial Call 10

Date of Podcast: March 27, 2023

Format: Podcast

Link: Spotify

Trial attorney Jim Crosby interviews Deborah Wolfe – ten questions about life as a trial lawyer, including best career advice and path to becoming a trial attorney

Ethics in Brief : 12-18-20

Date of Article: December 2020

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Judicial Battles Over the Presidential election: Ethical Constraints Violated?

Misogyny and Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4.1

Date of Article: July 2022

Website: BLAWG 401

Apparently, in 2022, despite years of progress and women entering the legal profession at a rate of 51% compared to men, misogyny is alive and well…

Ethics in Brief : 12-13-19

Date of Article: December 2019

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New Rule of Professional Conduct 3.10 – Threatening Criminal, Administrative or Disciplinary Charges

Statue of Limitations on Legal Malpractice – “Hot Potato”

Date of Article: April 2017

Website: San Diego County Bar Association

The determination of when the statute of limitation begins to run in an attorney malpractice case is not as simple as consulting Code of Civil Procedure section 340.6….